The Process

The government published its Localism Act in 2011 and set out its new approach to town and country planning in 2012 in its National Planning Policy Framework.

Taken together, the government has set out a new approach to local planning which puts local communities at the heart of its approach – enabling us as a Parish Council to draw up our own part of the new East Riding of Yorkshire Local Plan (currently under development). Our Neighbourhood Plan will form an integral part of the new East Riding Plan once finalised.

A key point to note about our Neighbourhood Plan is that it must be in general conformity with the East Riding Local Plan as well as abide by national planning regulations and guidance. So, we cannot propose less development than the East Riding Plan is proposing for us, but we can shape the form of that development, as well as proposing ideas and schemes which go beyond.

So, the process we have embarked upon will be detailed and the policies we develop as a result will have to be firmly based upon evidence – evidence about what our community needs, wants and will be able to accommodate.

We have started the process – effectively kicking it off with a public meeting held in the Village Hall at the beginning of April. You can view all the minutes of the meetings held to date here.

That public meeting which endorsed the Parish Council approach, was followed by an application to the East Riding of Yorkshire for our proposed Neighbourhood Area (the extent of the area that the Plan will focus on). You can visit the East Riding website to see the application and comment upon it – it is open for consultation from 8 July – 23 August.

Our plans for work going forward from now are set out in our Project Plan, which is reviewed monthly and show the progress we are making.

In due course (we are aiming for September 2019) the draft Plan will come out to you residents in the community to vote on in a Referendum. To be passed and approved, the referendum must have a simple majority of those who cast their vote to be in favour of the Plan. The approved Plan will then go forward to be incorporated into the East Riding Local Plan and have statutory (legal) status as a part of that Plan for the next 15 years or so.